Low Deposit Loans

First home home buyers:
Can you answer yes to the following questions?
  • Total earnings for your household less than $115,000 (for couples OR singles with kids), $95,000 for couples or $75,000 (for singles)
  • In your job for 6 months or more
  • Permanent resident
  • Entitled to first home owners grant
  • Maximum purchase price does not exceed $480,000
  • Low debt
If you are building you may qualify for a loan that only requires 1% deposit from the purchaser. The balance of deposit and costs are covered by your grant.

If you are buying an established home you will need 2% deposit. You may also need some funds to cover stamp duty if your purchase price is over $430,000. The balance of your costs will be covered by your grant.

Do not qualify for the grant?
You can still qualify for the above loan. You will require a 2% deposit and funds to pay for any stamp duty and costs. You may also be eligible for a $2000 grant towards your costs. You cannot currently own a home to qualify for this loan and must live in the property.

If you meet the above criteria then you may qualify.
Call on 0415 761 799 or email shawn@limemortgagebrokers.com.au to see if you qualify.
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